You Can Write a Press Release

Aspiring publicity seekers often stop themselves before they begin because they don’t have a press release, are afraid to write one or don’t know what to do with one. Don’t let that be a barrier.  Writing a release will take a little time but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

To get started, do an Internet search. You’ll find lots of templates and examples
of releases to emulate.  Or, if you are willing to pay for help, hire a professional to write a release
(or releases) for you.

are two free online resources I like.  With the first, you fill in the online template and it creates a formatted release for you.  The
other one reviews what you’ve written and gives you pointers for improving
it. (Watch the overview video on the site to see how it works)

Remember, these are computerized tools.  No human checks your work, so they have some limitations, but they’re still useful to play around with.

The key to writing an effective press release is, you have to tell a real STORY.  What makes a story?  It’s more than just facts like, “XYZ is opening  a new branch office” or “we’re hosting a gallery exhibition on (blank date)” or “we’re proud to announce the development of our new diet product (brand name).”

Put a human face on your news – pitch a story about something unique someone does in that new branch office or a special community project that office is involved in, offer a profile interview with an artist whose work will be featured at the gallery, tell a compelling story about an individual whose weight loss changed their life, thanks to the new product.

Reporters want to tell a story that interests their audience.  They don’t want to sell your product or make your announcement.  That’s there’s a new diet product available or an upcoming gallery exhibition are just details likely to be included in the story.

Another plus, sometimes press releases written as stories get picked up and printed or broadcast, “as-is” with virtually no editing.  It’s a sweet thing when you see your story told just the way you wrote it.

Sending one press release isn’t likely to make you a media sensation.  You need to keep “going for it” with story after story to see results.  Pitching stories and writing releases should be part of a comprehensive publicity plan.  But that’s a story for another day!

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