Web Video Domination

An article in the September Millimeter magazine says video is poised to dominate web traffic.  According to the article, Cisco
Systems estimates that by 2013 video will make up 90-percent of all
internet traffic, along with some 64-percent of mobile users.  One expert said video is becoming part of every internet experience. 

Have you found a way to use web video to increase your visibility and market your business?   It seems most people
would rather watch and listen than read today so to reach them, you want to use their preferred medium.

Search for some free video tools on the internet to get you started.  Forbes Video Network talks about a few of them here.

not gather on-camera testimonials and brief satisfied customer stories.
Get someone to videotape your next speech or presentation or to shoot a "news
style" talking head interview with you to post on the web.  Create short how-to videos or
"behind the scenes" vignettes like movie trailers to promote yourself,
your book, your product or cause.  develop an online newsroom page on your website with more video, audio, downloadable images, RSS feeds, slideshows and other multimedia presentations.

On a personal note, the thought of video domination on the web makes me a little sad.  Even though my career as a radio and television broadcaster has been
spent communicating in audio and video, I've also always loved to read.  I'm afraid the magical experience of being drawn into another world with a
great book may be going the way of the horse and buggy.   Still, time marches on and it's exciting to find new ways to connect and share and communicate.

2013 is just around the corner.  Start now to stake your media claim to some web video real estate.

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Janet Vasil

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