Grow Your Business with Web Video

Let’s face it, people can use online search to find just about anything.  When was the last time you reached for the Yellow Pages to look for a local business?   Maybe you don’t even know what the Yellow Page Directory is!(or was?)  When you “let your fingers do the walking” today, as the ad used to say, it’s on a keyboard, mobile phone pad or touch screen.

In fact, many traditional methods for getting the word out just don’t work as well as they used to. After a lifetime of being bombarded with advertising messages, most people are experts at tuning out. (How many of us use our DVR or TiVo to fast forward through the commercials?  I confess I do.)

Recognizing the trend and the need, I plan to redirect my media consulting to emphasize online media marketing.  I’m still happy to help clients with their on-air publicity strategies, but will focus on “new media” approaches, especially online video, to help local businesses get noticed.  With today’s technology, video can be a powerful and cost effective way for them to tell their story to attract leads, clients and sales without “selling.”

The right kind of web video publicity can move them to the top of the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing!  And since research shows 98-percent of people doing a local search will choose a business from the first page of results, that top of the page ranking can boost their bottom line.

I recently found a terrific online video marketing expert, Andy Jones, in the UK.  His company is getting businesses around the world on the first page of Google RIGHT NOW and he GUARANTEES it!

Check out his services and of course, watch the video here

P.S. I’m not an affiliate, just a fan.  Enjoy!

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