No Time for Publicity? Need Help?

Sometimes getting your publicity “ducks in a row” can be overwhelming.  It takes time, persistence and a plan to attract the media and generate buzz about yourself and your business. It’s also said that while ducks look like they’re gliding serenely on the surface, they’re actually paddling furiously under the water.  Sometimes, doing all your own PR work can feel that way too.

My friend and colleague Nancy Juetten can make it easier for you.  Nancy is a Marketing PR Expert who offers a terrific collection of products and services to help local business owners get seen and celebrated in their own backyards. I’ve interviewed several of her clients who rave about the results they’ve gotten from working with Nancy and following her advice.

Nancy just added some new programs. To find out more, follow this link:

(I’m not an affiliate, just a fan of her work)

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