Video Marketing for Your Business

pull them in magnet attraction marketingWant to attract more business using video?

Video production and video marketing are two different disciplines and require different skill-sets, but since they are generally discussed together, you may think you are always going to get one with the other.  Not true.

A video producer could plan, write, shoot and edit a video, hand it to you and walk away. That’s video production. 

Will that video get you more customers online and lead to more profit?  Maybe. But not from the production itself.

As we say in TV…But wait,There’s more…

It isn’t enough to make a video. You attract new customers from what you do with the video after I hand it to you.  That’s video marketing.   You’ll pay one price to just get a video done and other price for a video that attracts more paying clients to your business.

Why?  Because effective online video needs a strategy! 

And strategy comes before you produce the video:

  • Decide what content would be valuable to the target audience.(video production)
  • Create videos with great content (video production)
  • Develop a system for getting those videos in front of the target audience (video marketing)
  • Measure the results, tweak and/or rinse and repeat (video marketing)

If you are ready to add online video to your marketing mix, find professionals who provide more than shooting a video. Look for both good quality video production AND an online video lead generation and sales conversion package that gets your video working toward your ultimate goal – MORE BUSINESS AND MORE PROFITS.

Now I could recite all the reasons I’ve written previously about why video has value:  People prefer video to reading, Google owns YouTube, video converts more prospects, gets higher search results, gets more clicks, etc.

But none of that will happen, if all you do is make a video and plop it on your website.