The Million-Dollar Plan for Experts

Brendan Burchard is an impressive guy and he's getting ready to re-open his Experts Academy Elite online program.

He is launching it this week with a series of informative free videos. 

If you want to stand out in your field and establish your reputation as a recognized in-demand expert, you won't want to miss this training.

Here's info about the first video:

If you were starting from scratch and wanted to
make a million dollars offering your advice and how-to
content to the world, what 10 things should you focus on?

In other words, if you wanted to become a highly-paid expert in
a matter of months, how would you do it? How are authors,
speakers, coaches, seminar leaders, and online info marketers
monetizing their life's story, advice, and experience?

This video from Brendon Burchard shows you how:

You'll learn:

— 10 essentials that will help you build an "expert" brand
— 3 ways to position yourself as a high-value, highly-paid expert
— 4 products that add to a million-dollars in 12 months

This may all sound too good to be true, but the video has the answers.

At some point, every "guru" or expert decides they want to use
their life's story or their how-to advice for helping other people to
earn a real income and make a real difference. This video
exemplifies that.

If you don't know about Brendon Burchard, the guy who did the
video, I think you'll find his story inspiring.

Brendon went from bankruptcy to $4.6 million in the how-to
space in just 18 months. He really get results:

— #1 New York Times Best-selling author with books in 20
languages and over 200k ebooks downloaded

— Spoken onstage with Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson,
Dalia Lama, Wayne Dyer, Paula Abdul, Frank Kern, Jeff Walker

— Seminars pulling 800 people at $2000-$10,000/ticket from 42+ countries

— 100+ coaching clients paying $10,000-$35,000 a year

— $4 million-plus online product launches and brilliant continuity programs

— #1, #2 and #3 ranked affiliate for some of the largest online marketing
campaigns in the last 12 months

You might have also seen Brendon recently on Anderson Cooper
and ABC News.

What's WAY more impressive is the results he gets for his STUDENTS.

You can see why in his video. The guy cares, he does it himself,
and he really breaks it down for you.

Enjoy the video.  And be ready to take notes.

Trust me, Brendan's videos are worth the optin.

BTW, Brendon says he's taking questions on the blog, so watch
and leave a comment.

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