Tell Your Story to Move People

I love reading the Duct Tape Marketing blog by John Jantsch.   It's full of simple marketing wisdom for small business and Duct Tape is such a great name.  In local TV news, duct tape is an essential part of any shooter's tool kit. That roll of sticky blue stuff has saved me many times from technical disasters, large and small. 

Earlier this week there was a post about story telling in business.  It offers some terrific questions for marketers to ask themselves to flesh out their key marketing story.  As Jantsch writes, people connect with stories that move them.  I'll add, those are also the kinds of stories the media wants to tell.

As a publicity-seeker, you're hoping to "market' your ideas and/or expertise to the media and ultimately their audience to promote yourself, your business, product, service or cause.  Why not adapt Jantsch's questions to create some hooks for your pitches?   Stories pegged to fears, regret, accomplishments, secret wishes, insider knowledge, etc. can all work for you.   

You can read his post here: Do People Know Your Story?

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Janet Vasil

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