Hooray for Talking Head Videos!

Don’t want to edit video or don’t know how? I am a big fan of short talking head videos and you can work it so there's little to no editing involved. I'll outline a simple formula to be the director of your own interesting talking head videos in this post. If you’re a subject-matter expert, Read more about Hooray for Talking Head Videos![…]

Why NO Video is Better than BAD Video

I’ve been seeing a lot of bad video lately.  Unintentionally bad video that either is unwatchable for technical reasons and/or is embarrassingly bad in its content and execution. Marketers say Content is King and will overcome other deficits but they are talking about quality content . Not any old content you can slap up on Read more about Why NO Video is Better than BAD Video[…]

Common DIY Video Mistakes

I have writtten about making DIY video many times, but it’s always worth repeating.  You can produce your own online videos and create great-looking ones, if you follow basic principals. Naturally, I’d recommend that you get professional help to produce a handful of polished foundational videos first. These pro videos will establish your professional expertise Read more about Common DIY Video Mistakes[…]

My first Kindle book is out!

I’ve published my first Kindle Book on Amazon!  I am really excited to announce that Amazon accepted and activated my Kindle book for sale about a week ago.   You can get it by clicking this link. The book is a collection of video ideas to inform and inspire readers.  It’s a quick read done in Read more about My first Kindle book is out![…]