Hooray for Talking Head Videos!

Don’t want to edit video or don’t know how? I am a big fan of short talking head videos and you can work it so there's little to no editing involved. I'll outline a simple formula to be the director of your own interesting talking head videos in this post. If you’re a subject-matter expert, Read more about Hooray for Talking Head Videos![…]

Guest Posts as Scam?

I’ve recommended guest posting in the past to increase your visibility, credibility and traffic. I was a guest poster a few years ago on a couple well-respected media and PR sites and I’ve hosted guest posts on my blog, though not for several years. It was a great blog exposure technique that has unfortunately been Read more about Guest Posts as Scam?[…]

I Made a Video! Now What?

Getting a video scripted, shot and edited is half the battle. There's also hosting and marketing your video to consider. You want your video to attract a crowd and engage viewers who will like, comment and share your video! Before you go through the video creation process, work out a strategy for how you plan Read more about I Made a Video! Now What?[…]