Host a Web TV Show

Several people have asked me recently to help them set up a Web TV show or newscast. I've hosted and produced many traditional television shows and newscasts so it's exciting and fun to apply that knowledge and experience to digital media presentations. If you are an expert and/or author, hosting regular "web-isodes" on your  "show" Read more about Host a Web TV Show[…]

More Media Literacy Thoughts

On Monday, I talked about how the Shirley Sherrod story pointed up why "context"  is important in evaluating the media information we all are constantly exposed to. Every day on non-news and "reality-style" entertainment TV shows, I see all kinds of "creative" editing that distorts the material and blurs our perception of the "context"of what Read more about More Media Literacy Thoughts[…]

The No Make-Up Look is Not for TV

Singer Jessica Simpson and Marie Claire magazine are generating buzz for the May issue because Jess is photographed without make up! A beautiful young woman like Simpson has little to fear from the bare-faced look, but most women look better wearing a little make-up in photographs and it’s essential when they appear on TV.  Even Read more about The No Make-Up Look is Not for TV[…]

Web Video Star as Crossover Artist

  We’ve all heard the term “crossover artist” in the music business.  It describes someone whose work moves across musical genres on the record charts such as from Country to Pop music or R&B to Rock. Gary Vaynerchuk  has done something similar in media by “crossing over” from web video personality to more mainstream opportunities. Read more about Web Video Star as Crossover Artist[…]