How to Get Free Publicity with Radio Interviews

If you have never done a media interview before, a good place to start is with radio interviews. You can get started as a guest expert, doing interviews over the telephone, from the convenience of your home or office.  With phone interviews, you don’t have to worry about getting into a studio (although you may Read more about How to Get Free Publicity with Radio Interviews[…]

Talk Radio wants YOU!

I often talk about TV and online video but don't forget radio. Tap into radio talk shows on-air and online and pitch them for publicity interviews. Radio talk producers often need to fill several hours a day so they're always on the look-out for great guests. There are shows for just about every topic reaching Read more about Talk Radio wants YOU![…]

3 Ways To Avoid Being A Media Dud

I generally like to take the positive approach, but sometimes "What Not To Do" is more effective.  If you don't want to squander your "moment" in a hard-won interview on TV or radio, here are three "Don'ts" to keep in mind.   1. Don't Ramble.  Decide the main message you want to deliver going in. Make sure what Read more about 3 Ways To Avoid Being A Media Dud[…]