Social Networking Made Easier?

The New York Times has an interesting article about a new web browser that includes social networking features to make it easier to stay connected. Here's the link – Web Browsing Takes a Social Turn Technology Web Browsing Takes a Social Turn By MIGUEL HELFT Published: November 7, 2010 A new browser from RockMelt integrates Read more about Social Networking Made Easier?[…]

Tell Your Story to Move People

I love reading the Duct Tape Marketing blog by John Jantsch.   It's full of simple marketing wisdom for small business and Duct Tape is such a great name.  In local TV news, duct tape is an essential part of any shooter's tool kit. That roll of sticky blue stuff has saved me many times Read more about Tell Your Story to Move People[…]

No Time for Publicity? Need Help?

Sometimes getting your publicity “ducks in a row” can be overwhelming.  It takes time, persistence and a plan to attract the media and generate buzz about yourself and your business. It’s also said that while ducks look like they’re gliding serenely on the surface, they’re actually paddling furiously under the water.  Sometimes, doing all your Read more about No Time for Publicity? Need Help?[…]

Social Media Momentum

This You Tube video Social Media Revolution about the rapid rise of social media is very persuasive. [youtube][/youtube] Whether social media is just a fad or a game-changer in the way we communicate is often questioned.  I expect individual services may come and go, but this kind of global digital connectivity is here to stay. Read more about Social Media Momentum[…]