5 Ways to Attract Listeners to Your Podcast

Here’s one last post about podcasting before I explore other digital media methods to claim your fame.  I’ve focused on podcasting because media trend spotting experts predict podcasts are the next big thing in digital storytelling.  Nearly one in 5 U.S. adults currently listen to an audio podcast at least occasionally with the average consumer Read more about 5 Ways to Attract Listeners to Your Podcast[…]

Get Started with Podcasting

These are exciting times to be the Media.  You can be both a consumer and CREATOR of digital media more easily than ever.  And a hungry audience is waiting  to hear from you.  Did you notice the latest iPhone/iPad IOS update made the podcast app a pre-installed default app?  CommScore reported in August that the Read more about Get Started with Podcasting[…]

Raise Your Voice with the Power of Podcasting

I began my broadcasting career in radio before moving over to TV news and have always loved the medium.  The “theater of the mind” aspect of radio storytelling is so creative and magical and it’s a pleasure to listen to skilled interviewers like Terry Gross on NPR's Fresh Air talk with her fascinating guests. YOU Read more about Raise Your Voice with the Power of Podcasting[…]