Create Irresistable Email Subject Lines

I know I wrote about email subject lines recently, but I'm doing a project for a television company right now and cannot believe how many PR professionals seem to put no thought into them at all.  I'm deleting hundreds of pitches everyday without once peeking inside.  The subject lines give me no reason to look Read more about Create Irresistable Email Subject Lines[…]

Want to Host Your OWN Show?

Do you have what it takes to have your own show on The Oprah Winfrey Network?  Oprah is looking for the next big TV star and accepting video auditions. Healthy Living & Eating Expert Elizabeth Brown, is pitching a cooking show. Check out her audition here – Elizabeth’s Audition: The Kitchen Vixen – OWN TV Read more about Want to Host Your OWN Show?[…]

You Can Write a Press Release

Aspiring publicity seekers often stop themselves before they begin because they don’t have a press release, are afraid to write one or don’t know what to do with one. Don’t let that be a barrier.  Writing a release will take a little time but it doesn’t have to be complicated. To get started, do an Read more about You Can Write a Press Release[…]

Holidays Come in all Shapes and Sizes

A good way to get publicity is to link your "news" to a holiday of some sort.  Use the calendar to spot all the traditional ones for next year.  Circle them and map out your story pitching strategy.  Also get familiar with off-beat commemorations, awareness and theme days and months that could attract media attention.  Read more about Holidays Come in all Shapes and Sizes[…]