Stories to Get You Out of Your Head

My success coach, Jim Donovan, suggested an excellent exercise to move beyond my “To Do” list in a way that gets me out of my left brain and into my creative right brain. The key is storytelling, specifically the stories I tell myself. Here’s how it works: Write a story instead of constantly writing and Read more about Stories to Get You Out of Your Head[…]

Calling All Experts!

My friend and mentor, the Internet Marketing Ace Ken McArthur, is starting a project to showcase experts in the ultimate guide to finding top experts and the most amazing people in the world. If you are an expert of ANY kind, you want to get your picture, bio, area of expertise and contact info in Read more about Calling All Experts![…]

Surprising Find on eBay

This is too weird.  An old OLD photo of me is for sale on eBay!   A TV friend saw the item and told me about it.  I don't remember this picture at all, definitely taken 30 years ago or more. It gave me a good laugh.   I'm now a piece of history you can Read more about Surprising Find on eBay[…]

Manage Your Online Image

Who are you online?  Do you know what others are saying about you, your business, your brand? Is it an accurate picture? Shama Kabani is a renowned social media expert. In this TV interview she offers some great tips to clean up your online image. Here’s the interview replay on Shama.TV Here’s the links Read more about Manage Your Online Image[…]