Video Marketing for Your Business

Want to attract more business using video? Video production and video marketing are two different disciplines and require different skill-sets, but since they are generally discussed together, you may think you are always going to get one with the other.  Not true. A video producer could plan, write, shoot and edit a video, hand it Read more about Video Marketing for Your Business[…]

Why NO Video is Better than BAD Video

I’ve been seeing a lot of bad video lately.  Unintentionally bad video that either is unwatchable for technical reasons and/or is embarrassingly bad in its content and execution. Marketers say Content is King and will overcome other deficits but they are talking about quality content . Not any old content you can slap up on Read more about Why NO Video is Better than BAD Video[…]

I Made a Video! Now What?

Getting a video scripted, shot and edited is half the battle. There's also hosting and marketing your video to consider. You want your video to attract a crowd and engage viewers who will like, comment and share your video! Before you go through the video creation process, work out a strategy for how you plan Read more about I Made a Video! Now What?[…]

Is Online Video in Your Future?

Not too long ago, the idea of creating online videos and doing video marketing seemed out of reach for most small businesses. Then the growth of high-speed Internet, social networking sites, and increasingly affordable video apps and tools made it easier than ever to use the power of video to grow a business, large or Read more about Is Online Video in Your Future?[…]