How Video Can Turn You Into a Customer Magnet

When a visitor arrives on your website, do they stick around?  You want to do everything you can to get them to linger, explore and learn more about you. Online video is without a doubt one of the best methods for keeping the right visitors on your site longer. When you align your  content with Read more about How Video Can Turn You Into a Customer Magnet[…]

Make Whiteboard Videos that Rock

2014 is shaping up to be the year of the whiteboard video. High end animation (think Disney) has always been appealing, but it is also labor intensive, time-consuming and generally expensive; that level of animation was out of reach for the average small business. A few years ago, simple animated storytelling became possible at a Read more about Make Whiteboard Videos that Rock[…]

I Made a Video! Now What?

Getting a video scripted, shot and edited is half the battle. There's also hosting and marketing your video to consider. You want your video to attract a crowd and engage viewers who will like, comment and share your video! Before you go through the video creation process, work out a strategy for how you plan Read more about I Made a Video! Now What?[…]