6 Ways to Use Video in Business

A friend recently shared a conversation she had with her 5 year old granddaughter.  It was some fanciful tale about how the child would fly to another planet when she grew up. When my friend asked how she would get there, the little girl said she’d find a video on YouTube and build a spaceship! Read more about 6 Ways to Use Video in Business[…]

How Video Can Turn You Into a Customer Magnet

When a visitor arrives on your website, do they stick around?  You want to do everything you can to get them to linger, explore and learn more about you. Online video is without a doubt one of the best methods for keeping the right visitors on your site longer. When you align your  content with Read more about How Video Can Turn You Into a Customer Magnet[…]

Do You YouTube or TV?

Do you YouTube or TV? YouTube has reached 6 BILLION views per month.  Wow.  In less than a decade, what many people looked at as strictly a platform for amateur video distribution is now recognized as online TELEVISION. It’s no longer a question of watching YouTube or TV.  It’s all television now.  According to PoweronMedia.com, Read more about Do You YouTube or TV?[…]

High-Low Online Video Strategy

As anyone online has realized, the Internet has become a highly visual place and video is a huge draw, since most people would rather watch than read.  A recent infographic from Brightcove shared some interesting research about good video versus bad video experiences.  You can see the whole image here:  http://files.brightcove.com/highcostoffree-infographic.jpg This part stood out Read more about High-Low Online Video Strategy[…]