Why Credibility Matters Online

I bet you don’t know me.  I mean, you don’t know me personally and that’s okay.  You've met me online by reading my blog and perhaps gotten to know me through social media postings. Somewhere along the way, you decided my content is worthy of your time and interest.  I cannot express how thankful I Read more about Why Credibility Matters Online[…]

Why Experts and Authorities Need On-Camera Videos

Often people want to get started with online video marketing but are reluctant  to be in their own videos. If you are an expert or authority, you will miss a lot of opportunity by staying behind the scenes. As my friend media coach Ruth Sherman says, "Get Over It!" If you want to be a Read more about Why Experts and Authorities Need On-Camera Videos[…]

Watching Your Reputation Online

Photo credit: iStock/domin_domin Celebrities, politicians and other public figures have long turned to high powered public relations agencies and paid big bucks to salvage a scandal-damaged career and polish a tarnished image. Now, a whole industry has grown to help the rest of us – companies large and small, as well as individuals – safeguard Read more about Watching Your Reputation Online[…]

Who are You Online? Part Two

Last week I talked about how more than half of American small businesses do not have a website.  If you're one of them and it works for you, that's great.  But as my previous post noted, if you want media publicity, having no web presence might work against you.    I'm no Internet expert and I'm Read more about Who are You Online? Part Two[…]