Web TV Marketing Tips

I've watched the Help My Business….Web TV show for years, but its creator and host Andrew Lock hasn't produced any new shows for awhile.  He's back with a new episode now.  To me, his shows are an entertaining, fun resource full of useful marketing advice and of course, his Web TV show is a great  Read more about Web TV Marketing Tips[…]

How Influential Are YOU?

Fast Company magazine is running an online promotion that has some media folks buzzing.   It's an experiment in viral social media marketing called The Influence Project.   I learned about it from Joan Stewart in her excellent Publicity Hound newsletter.  I respect Joan and I like reading Fast Company magazine, so I signed up. Read more about How Influential Are YOU?[…]

Hiring Video Pros

Little flip-style cameras are so popular, many people think anyone can instantly become a videographer.  But one tour of YouTube will show you that’s not true.  Videomaking is both a craft and an art form. Grainy, shaky video and poor audio might be okay, if you’re shooting your child’s baseball game or ballet rehearsal, but Read more about Hiring Video Pros[…]