Tell Your Story with Social Media

Photo Credit: © Sergey Novikov | Are your pitches falling flat?  Are you putting in the time and effort to craft a good story pitch yet getting no takers?  When approaching the media, you can do everything right and still not get a reporter to want your story.  It’s discouraging but it happens to Read more about Tell Your Story with Social Media[…]

Tools Change but Relationships Last

This is my 200th post and I’m happy to have Storyteller to the Media, Michelle Tennant do the honors.   She shares some excellent tips for using the latest tools to reach out to the media and I love the title of her article. When I started out as a radio reporter, I wrote my stories Read more about Tools Change but Relationships Last[…]

No Time for Publicity? Need Help?

Sometimes getting your publicity “ducks in a row” can be overwhelming.  It takes time, persistence and a plan to attract the media and generate buzz about yourself and your business. It’s also said that while ducks look like they’re gliding serenely on the surface, they’re actually paddling furiously under the water.  Sometimes, doing all your Read more about No Time for Publicity? Need Help?[…]

Hiring Video Pros

Little flip-style cameras are so popular, many people think anyone can instantly become a videographer.  But one tour of YouTube will show you that’s not true.  Videomaking is both a craft and an art form. Grainy, shaky video and poor audio might be okay, if you’re shooting your child’s baseball game or ballet rehearsal, but Read more about Hiring Video Pros[…]