Raise Your Voice with the Power of Podcasting

I began my broadcasting career in radio before moving over to TV news and have always loved the medium.  The “theater of the mind” aspect of radio storytelling is so creative and magical and it’s a pleasure to listen to skilled interviewers like Terry Gross on NPR's Fresh Air talk with her fascinating guests. YOU Read more about Raise Your Voice with the Power of Podcasting[…]

The Overnight Success Myth of Media Fame

There is a formula to fame, but many are unwilling to put in the required time and effort to achieve it. Becoming  an overnight success can take years. Drive and strategic planning can mean the difference between someone with enormous talent who sits back waiting for the world to beat a path to their door Read more about The Overnight Success Myth of Media Fame[…]

Hooray for Talking Head Videos!

Don’t want to edit video or don’t know how? I am a big fan of short talking head videos and you can work it so there's little to no editing involved. I'll outline a simple formula to be the director of your own interesting talking head videos in this post. If you’re a subject-matter expert, Read more about Hooray for Talking Head Videos![…]

Showcase Your Videos on your Blog and Beyond

Simply producing and posting a video online is not enough. Once your video is done, you want to put on your Video Marketing Hat to get the most out of the video. Post it on YouTube, Vimeo and other video sharing sites as well as on social media sites plus  your website and/or blog. YouTube Read more about Showcase Your Videos on your Blog and Beyond[…]