Host a Web TV Show

Several people have asked me recently to help them set up a Web TV show or newscast. I've hosted and produced many traditional television shows and newscasts so it's exciting and fun to apply that knowledge and experience to digital media presentations. If you are an expert and/or author, hosting regular "web-isodes" on your  "show" Read more about Host a Web TV Show[…]

Media Literacy – Consider the Context

The Shirley Sherrod story has a lot of angles to it. People at all levels over-reacted without having the full facts and there's plenty of blame to go around. It struck me that the concept of "context" is too easily overlooked in our 24-7 media-saturated culture. Some background – Sherrod gave a speech and one Read more about Media Literacy – Consider the Context[…]

What Would Oprah Do?

                                                                       Anyone who cares has heard the news that Oprah is ending her network TV talk show in 2011.  It will certainly be a long good bye, but she won't be gone forever.  It's reported she'll move to her own cable network, a joint venture with Discovery Communications, called the Oprah Winfrey Network or Read more about What Would Oprah Do?[…]

Be YOU on the Tube

                                                                      Today's new media technology allows all of us to bypass traditional media gatekeepers and communicate directly with online audio and video.   People are watching all kinds of videos – funny, tragic, strange.    And while it's gotten easier and easier to shoot and share, if the video is for your business, take the time to Read more about Be YOU on the Tube[…]