When Knowing Your Stuff is Not Enough

New technology has given experts of all kinds many more media opportunities to be seen and heard. They can appear in their own videos, on Skype interviews, podcasts, Internet radio, Web TV as well as do traditional broadcast interviews.  But professionals have to bring more to the table than simply their wealth of knowledge and Read more about When Knowing Your Stuff is Not Enough[…]

Your On-Camera Presence: Appealing or Awkward?

I watched the first video in a 4 video product launch last week and it got me thinking about how your on-camera presence can make or break what you say or sell. The video featured a coach promoting her new program. The video was clearly done by media professionals. It was beautifully shot and edited. Read more about Your On-Camera Presence: Appealing or Awkward?[…]

TV Interview Tip: Stay Positive

Social Media Expert Shama Kabani does an excellent job in this live TV interview on the value of Twitter. It's a journalist's job to question and this one challenges Shama at every turn. Shama keeps smilling, turns the negative questions into positive points and delivers a fun and informative segment.