How to Get Viewers and Readers to Take Action

The full name of this blog is Your Media Moment and Beyond and while the shorter domain name is easier to remember (and type), it’s the “and beyond” part that really matters. That’s where you get your audience to take action. It's easy to let information wash over us.  It's everywhere online and off. Getting Read more about How to Get Viewers and Readers to Take Action[…]

New Content Curation Tool

I am trying a beta version of a new content curation platform called opentopic.  It’s currently by invitation during the beta test stage.  So far, it looks like a terrific one-stop-shopping site for easily finding and sharing valuable and interesting content from a wide variety of sources across multiple channels. It appears to draw from Read more about New Content Curation Tool[…]

Content Curation vs Copying: What’s the Difference?

Last week I wrote about a tool to help you check for copycat content. You can read the article here. That led to a question: Where does content curation fit in? Without a doubt, information is plentiful on the Internet. Many would say T-M-I and separating real gold from fool’s gold isn’t always easy. With Read more about Content Curation vs Copying: What’s the Difference?[…]

Be the Producer: Online Media for Every Personality

We live in a multimedia world. The vast majority of us consume voracious amounts of print, broadcast and Internet media constantly, but it’s a much smaller number of people who create media. That’s where an opportunity lies for you and your business to stand out and get noticed online. Why not be the producer? Dream Read more about Be the Producer: Online Media for Every Personality[…]