Web TV Marketing Tips

I've watched the Help My Business….Web TV show for years, but its creator and host Andrew Lock hasn't produced any new shows for awhile.  He's back with a new episode now.  To me, his shows are an entertaining, fun resource full of useful marketing advice and of course, his Web TV show is a great  Read more about Web TV Marketing Tips[…]

Watching Your Reputation Online

Photo credit: iStock/domin_domin Celebrities, politicians and other public figures have long turned to high powered public relations agencies and paid big bucks to salvage a scandal-damaged career and polish a tarnished image. Now, a whole industry has grown to help the rest of us – companies large and small, as well as individuals – safeguard Read more about Watching Your Reputation Online[…]

There’s More to PR than Publicity

A line in Drew Gerber’s guest post last week got me thinking.  He wrote, “The thing about PR is that it’s in everything you do.” That’s an important point to keep in mind. So many people incorrectly use the terms PR and publicity interchangeably. Heck, I’m guilty of it sometimes myself.  Publicity is only one Read more about There’s More to PR than Publicity[…]

Tell Your Story with Social Media

Photo Credit: © Sergey Novikov | Dreamstime.com Are your pitches falling flat?  Are you putting in the time and effort to craft a good story pitch yet getting no takers?  When approaching the media, you can do everything right and still not get a reporter to want your story.  It’s discouraging but it happens to Read more about Tell Your Story with Social Media[…]