Easy eBook Creation with a WP Plugin

I’ve been playing around with a FREE WordPress plugin called Anthologize and see a lot of possibilities for re-purposing existing blog posts with it. You can find it in the WordPress directory here:  http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/anthologize/ Once you activate it, you get an area inside your wp back office where you create chapter headings and then drag Read more about Easy eBook Creation with a WP Plugin[…]

Become an Author with Kindle Credibility

English: Amazon Kindle e-book reader (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I've written often about the magic of having the title "author" in front of your name for increasing your media credibility and authority. When you're positioning yourself as a media expert, authoring a book can be better than a business card, press release, blog or website for Read more about Become an Author with Kindle Credibility[…]