Want Publicity? Start a Relationship!

We’re beginning the work week with a terrific guest post from Publicity Pro and Storyteller to the Media, Michelle Tennant. A Love Potion for Media Attraction By Michelle Tennant I’ve worked at building relationships with the media for more than 20 years and over that time I’ve come to realize there are no shortcuts. What Read more about Want Publicity? Start a Relationship![…]

Online Media Match-Ups

Anyone looking for media attention would be foolish to ignore the online possibilities. You can make a name for yourself today without any traditional media involvement at all.  In fact, old media is regularly going online to search for new media stars and stories. Another great thing about the online media world is you don't Read more about Online Media Match-Ups[…]

How Social Are You?


A recent survey reported in PR Week found 70-percent of journalists use social media networks to help with their reporting.  That's up from 41-percent a year ago.

Social media lets journalists interact with their readers, listeners and viewers in ways traditional media never did and it's changing how newsrooms approach stories. Most journalists don't want to be "pitched" on social media, but many are willing to engage in conversations about their beat or their work

You could ask a question, get a dialogue going about common experiences or hobbies, compliment a recent story, or ask about their process in researching or verifying a story.  In other words, get on their radar as someone who is tuned in to what the journalist is doing and thinking.   That relationship could lead to becoming a source or getting featured in a story.  (Please be authentic and approach these interactions with journalists sincerely.  Be interested and helpful. Don't pose as something or someone you are not.)

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