TV Interview Tip: Stay Positive

Social Media Expert Shama Kabani does an excellent job in this live TV interview on the value of Twitter. It's a journalist's job to question and this one challenges Shama at every turn. Shama keeps smilling, turns the negative questions into positive points and delivers a fun and informative segment.

Interview with an Expert – You!

Image via Wikipedia When a journalist is looking for an expert source to interview, being an "author" adds instant authority and could put you at the top of their list.  Do you dream of writing a book?   Do you have a title for it?  If you want to write and publish a book someday, Read more about Interview with an Expert – You![…]

Be Media-Smart with an Online Press Kit

You've heard this before – journalists generally work on tight deadlines.  If a reporter is interested in doing your story, they want all the background information they could possibly get right now.  If you're actively pitching to build your business with free publicity, give them what they want, when they want it.  Snail mail is Read more about Be Media-Smart with an Online Press Kit[…]