Video Production Value and Your Brand – Part One

We all see so much hype on the Internet with easy button catch-phrases that seem to promise every one can  do just about anything, quickly and easily, for free or nearly free, with little to no effort or forethought.  Hmmm. I am here to tell you producing quality video does not fall into that category.  Read more about Video Production Value and Your Brand – Part One[…]

Common DIY Video Mistakes

I have writtten about making DIY video many times, but it’s always worth repeating.  You can produce your own online videos and create great-looking ones, if you follow basic principals. Naturally, I’d recommend that you get professional help to produce a handful of polished foundational videos first. These pro videos will establish your professional expertise Read more about Common DIY Video Mistakes[…]

7 Online Press Kit Must-Haves

Experts and Authors, do you have a press kit?  Is it available online?  Putting your vital details into an electronic media kit can save journalists, bloggers and you a lot of time and energy. You can DIY a kit or use a services like Online PressKit 24/7 Media people are busy working to meet deadlines Read more about 7 Online Press Kit Must-Haves[…]

Looking for an All-in-One Mobile Media Solution

Image by Getty Images via @daylife   This post isn't about DIY publicity.  It's about my quest to find an all-in-one media gathering and communications tool in a smart phone or ipad-style tablet device. I love gadgets and plan to buy something next year, but I'd rather not add to my collection of under-used, un-used Read more about Looking for an All-in-One Mobile Media Solution[…]