Content Curation vs Copying: What’s the Difference?

Last week I wrote about a tool to help you check for copycat content. You can read the article here. That led to a question: Where does content curation fit in? Without a doubt, information is plentiful on the Internet. Many would say T-M-I and separating real gold from fool’s gold isn’t always easy. With Read more about Content Curation vs Copying: What’s the Difference?[…]

Spotting Copycats on the Web

Have you ever worried that an article, a bit of outsourced web copy or a guest blog post may not be original? If so, Copyscape is a trusty tool to check for plagiarism.  You can also check whether someone is lifting your own writing and passing it off as their work online. You type in Read more about Spotting Copycats on the Web[…]