Not Enough Information Interview Tip

I was listening to a radio interview recently in which the guest made a point by recounting a conversation she’s had with her teenage son.  She concluded by saying, “That was T-M-I.” The host’s next question was, “What do you mean by T-M-I?  That can mean a lot of things.” Now, the host may have Read more about Not Enough Information Interview Tip[…]

When Bad Things Happen

The time may come when the media will come calling because you’re stuck in the middle of a crisis. It’s a challenge to respond quickly and well and a good idea to plan how you’ll handle this kind of unwanted media attention, before it ever happens. An Internet search for the phrase “crisis communication” will Read more about When Bad Things Happen[…]

Social Media Momentum

This You Tube video Social Media Revolution about the rapid rise of social media is very persuasive. [youtube][/youtube] Whether social media is just a fad or a game-changer in the way we communicate is often questioned.  I expect individual services may come and go, but this kind of global digital connectivity is here to stay. Read more about Social Media Momentum[…]

Be YOU on the Tube

                                                                      Today's new media technology allows all of us to bypass traditional media gatekeepers and communicate directly with online audio and video.   People are watching all kinds of videos – funny, tragic, strange.    And while it's gotten easier and easier to shoot and share, if the video is for your business, take the time to Read more about Be YOU on the Tube[…]