Your On-Camera Presence: Appealing or Awkward?

I watched the first video in a 4 video product launch last week and it got me thinking about how your on-camera presence can make or break what you say or sell. The video featured a coach promoting her new program. The video was clearly done by media professionals. It was beautifully shot and edited. Read more about Your On-Camera Presence: Appealing or Awkward?[…]

Let’s Hear It for the Coaches

Are you watching the Olympics on TV?  So many of the personal stories of these world class athletes are wrapped around the power of working with an expert coach. Last night NBC featured an interview with Canadian Figure Skater Patrick Chan in which he talked about the lasting impact his late coach Osborne Colson had Read more about Let’s Hear It for the Coaches[…]

Become a Blogger is Back!

Want to get an online identity quickly and easily?  Start a blog. When I started my business, building an Internet presence was the most economical way to increase my visibility, show my expertise and enhance my credibility.  My web coach recommended creating a blog  that acts like a website, a hybrid that serves two purposes.  Read more about Become a Blogger is Back![…]