Better Do-It-Yourself Videos

Want your online video to look more polished?   Using the right equipment is the place to start.  Get the best camera, lighting and audio you can afford.  You can find lots of discussion and advice online to guide you. Once you're ready to shoot, here are some other tips: Use a tripod.  Put your camera on Read more about Better Do-It-Yourself Videos[…]

Holidays Come in all Shapes and Sizes

A good way to get publicity is to link your "news" to a holiday of some sort.  Use the calendar to spot all the traditional ones for next year.  Circle them and map out your story pitching strategy.  Also get familiar with off-beat commemorations, awareness and theme days and months that could attract media attention.  Read more about Holidays Come in all Shapes and Sizes[…]

End of Year Stories – Lists, Rankings and Countdowns

Santa Claus isn't the only one "making a list and checking it twice."   The media loves lists and end of the year lists, countdowns, year in review and other looking back stories can be good news hooks in December.  Tis the season for the Top 10, 7 Best, 6 Hottest, 5 Worst, 3 Funniest, 2 Read more about End of Year Stories – Lists, Rankings and Countdowns[…]