Social Media Blur

A longtime friend and mentor who's a marketing consultant recently told
me he is opting
of the Social Media whirl.   He said he made the choice for both personal and
professional reasons which he didn't want to go into.  His decision got me thinking. 

Miley Cyrus quit Twitter last fall to, "get a personal life."  Country singer Blake Shelton recently told a radio interviewer he'd tried to quit Twitter but couldn't!  I understand he's tweeting to build his fan base and promote his music, effective uses of the platform.  But he was quoted as saying it was the first thing he thought about when he woke up
each morning.  Wow.  To me, Twitter is way too small a thing to be the center of your LIFE.

An interesting article in the March Vanity Fair Ringside at the Web Fight talks about finding the Internet's "Next Big Thing."   As we've seen before, online platforms that seem essential to
some people today will likely be gone or vastly changed tomorrow.  Yet we'll all have this information we volunteered in profiles, musings, videos, wall writings, etc. digitally floating
around somewhere. 

I wonder how many of us, at some future point, will consciously and deliberately drop
off the social media radar?  Why?  And how will what we've chosen to make public affect us down the road? 

What are your thoughts and ideas about the value, uses and abuses of social media? Please leave a comment.

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