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Jules Watkins of  iPhone Video Hero (not an affiliate link) shared this terrific idea with his email list . Jules is a Video Pro and Videomaking Coach and he gave me permission to reprint it as a guest post.  Thank you, Jules!

Holiday Business Videos?

With the vacation season upon us (or fast approaching)
I'd like to share some tips about Holiday Videos,
well in fact Holiday Business Videos!
What do I mean?
Well the great thing about your iPhone is that it's
the one small, multi-purpose item you WILL remember to
take with you!
You can of course use your iPhone's HD video camera
to capture some casual footage to look back on,
but you can also use your vacation to create Videos for your biz.
Here are 3 reasons why I think you should take the opportunity:
1. You will probably be heading for an area with good weather,
ideal conditions for shooting video plus you may have access to
stunning locations, beaches, forests, mountains.
These can make a great backdrop for your videos that
you normally don't have available.
So if you are talking about business success and you happen
to have a beautiful pool and palm trees behind you
it reinforces your message, am I right?
Beats a grey rainy day in London!
Plan out 5 easy videos to film in an hour or so in a great location,
if you drip them out on your blog in the Winter months
they'll really stand out.
Tip: If filming at a beach, audio is key, avoid very windy days,
don't get too close to the sea and use an external mic clipped
to your lapel to reduce background noise. 
2. You should be at your most relaxed on Holiday which shows
in your face and body language. Possibly you might even get a tan: )
Looking your best gives you extra on camera confidence
and this in turn will make your videos more polished.
3.You may see extraordinary scenes to film and narrate.
These can make great 'slice of life' or funny videos that you can
add to your facebook profile or page.
These kind of videos are not directly selling your stuff, but they are
getting people to know you and your interests
which is part of the process.
Also, if you try bungee jumping, paragliding, water skiing etc
capture it.
Action videos show people you are confident (or even a little
crazy), ultimately they show you have spirit.
When it comes to making an 'About Me' video for your blog,
which I recommend, having this type of stock footage of
yourself doing stuff is invaluable.
Wherever you are going, I wish you a great vacation
and I suggest you plan to make at least one i-Video for your biz!
Jules Watkins is the creator of  iPhone Video Hero.  Find out more here: Make incredible videos for your biz or blog with your iPhone! 





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