Resolutions Experts Wanted

This is an idea that is similar to my recent post about "makeovers" and transformation stories.  Reporters know January is
prime-time for people to make a fresh start and re-invent something about their
work or their life.  To that end, story angles built around "RESOLUTIONS" may catch their eye at this time of year. 

Are you a change expert?  How can your advise show readers, listeners or viewers how to quit a bad  habit, develop a new habit, or otherwise improve something in their world?  The same list of topics my previous post suggested for a "makeover" story could be worked into a "resolutions" story.

What about the process of goal setting itself?  Could you an expert who can talk about what it takes to make and keep New Year's resolutions?  Or maybe your view is that resolutions are a waste of time. (controversy is news)

Play around with these fill -in-the-blank idea starters:

______ways to ________ and not_______. 

______steps to________and still _________.

Protect your_______. Don't let _________ scam you.

(corrected the spelling to read protect, not protest)


5 ways to quit smoking and not pack on the pounds.

3 steps to get out of debt and still buy what you want.

Protect your credit.  Don't let identity thieves scam you.

Media people do stories about "change/reinvention/transformation" all year round, but linking a pitch to that word "resolutions" is unique to this time of year.

Happy Pitching!

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