Want a Sticky Website? Get Video!

I went to a terrific lunch-and-learn style networking event last week at Black Forest Deli in Bethlehem, PA.   Every Friday Lehigh Valley small business owners who are members of a lively Facebook group, are invited to meet face-to-face, share a meal and hear from a speaker.

This time, my friends Marta & Jeff Countess of Countess Communications were the presenters and the topic was What Online Video Can Do For Your Website.

Here are a few points:

Marta said they were able to track the results of producing video for their clients' websites which showed the videos attracted more online visitors who stayed on the site longer. She explained how  polished, engaging videos that reflect well on you and your business  help potential buyers get more familiar and comfortable with you so they trust you more and are more likely to do business with you.

Jeff showed examples of their work and explained the differences between the three video cameras he brought which were geared to hobbyists, pro-sumers and professionals.  He also talked about how to get steady shots, capture good quality audio and why you should pay attention to the background and the lighting.

The lunch bunch chimed in with questions and comments about ways to do simple talking head videos, video editing challenges, the importance of using only royalty-free music and getting releases signed by people who appear in your video, Talk Fusion, green screen and much much more.

For a very short talk, Jeff and Marta delivered a lot of information and it was a great warm-up for the Online Video Works! one-day workshop they'll be co-hosting with me on Feb 25 in Macungie.


If you are in the Lehigh Valley area and have any interest in using online video to promote your business, make plans to attend. This event  is going to be chockful of content and a whole lot of fun.

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