Online Media Match-Ups

Anyone looking for media attention would be foolish to ignore the online possibilities. You can make a name for yourself today without any traditional media involvement at all.  In fact, old media is regularly going online to search for new media stars and stories.

Another great thing about the online media world is you don't have to wait for the media to find you. Steve Harrison of the National Publicity Summit and Radio and Television Interview Report is launched a new free service today called that helps you connect with journalists looking for sources.

I've written before about the well established free services called Help A Reporter Out ( as HARO and Pitchrate ( Another one I've heard of but haven't checked out myself targets bloggers specifically and is called

Pitchrate just sent me an email saying they have over 100 active requests from journalists right now – tons of opportunities for anyone who wants media coverage.  It's easy.  No sending out press releases or pitching a story by telephone.  The reporters have already decided on their story ideas and angles. They just need experts and other sources to flesh out their reports.

These services are also a good way to research what makes something a "story" the media wants.  Monitor the queries to see the topics reporters are working on, how they are framing their queries and follow the ebb and flow of what's hot now. Can you see patterns?  How could your expertise fit into what they're searching for?

Remember to offer yourself as a source ONLY if you really do fit what they' say they want, really are an expert in that topic area…and if you really truly are ready to meet the media and handle it smoothly.  Please don't waste anyone's time. Play fair.

If you're new at seeking publicity, I recommend you start with smaller, local  media, then branch out to larger markets.  Don't go after a national magazine or big TV or radio show, if you've NEVER done a single interview.  Working with the media isn't difficult, but you don't want to fall on your face on national TV.  Get some seasoning on the local front and/or media training before you reach for the stars.

If you're media-ready: Sign up.  Respond to appropriate queries.  Showcase your expertise.  Without making a single pitch, you could be on your way to landing some free publicity.