News You Can Use – November

A quick look at the calendar to spark some story ideas here in the US for November.

  • Election Day  – Nov. 3

Off-year elections tend to be low key affairs after all the hoopla of the Presidential Election, but local candidates will still be talking about issues which may be relevant to your expertise or your community may have ballot questions addressing issues that you could illuminate.  Think about ways to piggyback on ballot question news with a “this is how that (issue) works in real life” pitch.  After the election, stories analyzing the results and what they mean may fit some experts.

  • Veteran’s Day – Nov. 11 

With our country engaged in two wars, there are all kinds of story angles…health care and rehabilitation, military spending and the economy, the perceived public loss of interest in the wars, etc.  Human interest stories should be easy to develop about past and present veterans and their families.  Plus the news will be looking to cover events and observances linked to Veteran’s Day in schools, in the town square, in places of worship, etc.  You could pitch events you’re involved in and/or pitch a sidebar veterans story to complement the event coverage.

  • Thanksgiving Day – Nov. 26

This holiday is one of those classic slow news day. Reporters will be scrambling for fill the “news hole” and it may be easier for your pitch to get picked up.  Again, heart-warming human interest pieces can resonate plus the odd twist on the holiday rituals and humorous stories. Perhaps a look ahead to the Christmas shopping season from an economic/business perspective or predicting trends such as what the hot gifts or must-have toys will be
this season.    I’ve done TV stories about kids re-enacting the landing at Plymouth Rock, an all vegetarian celebration, a Native American Thanksgiving event, a story with people who have to work on the holiday and a feature about a family that each year volunteers to feed the less fortunate, to name a few.

Happy Pitching!

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