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OpenTopicContentCurationPlatformChannelsI am trying a beta version of a new content curation platform called opentopic

It’s currently by invitation during the beta test stage. 

So far, it looks like a terrific one-stop-shopping site for easily finding and sharing valuable and interesting content from a wide variety of sources across multiple channels.

It appears to draw from all the top content sites and you can add your own sources.

The image on this post shows many of the channels you can set up to publish the selected content in a few clicks. You can publish to your newsletter, directly to social media sites, your blog, etc. 

It has an analytics tool to check how your content marketing is working and the site says the more you use opentopic, the smarter it gets about aggregating the most relevant content you want for your audiences.

My topic areas are Content Curation, Content Marketing and Social Media for now. You can create your own topics and choose which sources to search.

One of the first useful things I found was an article from about creating a social media editorial calendar to manage your content posting, so watch for me to share that later today here and perhaps elsewhere. (or at least try to share it, since this is beta)

I’ll let you know how it goes.

UPDATE:  I could not post to my blog, have put in a support ticket  Here is the TechRepublic article link posted directly:

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