My Media Tips on YouTube

Have I told you about my YouTube channel?  I've had it for quite some time and I must admit I haven't posted there for awhile.  But the media tip videos are evergreen and there are a couple interesting promotional videos for my online video marketing company there too!

I have a new web cam and plan to add a lot more to the site soon.   

Check it out here and become a subscriber!

Media Tips & More Video

I love my green screen home studio and Kodak Zi8, but find doing videos there to be a little more time consuming than a quick web cam message.  

A few weeks ago, I began a long term television project and I don't have the time or energy I once did.  Just getting this blog out regularly is becoming a challenge, so fast and efficient is my mantra for everything I do.  (and since people increasingly prefer to watch video than read online copy, video blogging may be on the horizon for me here too.  Enjoy! 

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