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Dear Loyal Blog Readers,

Thank you for hanging in with me. Although I have not posted to my blog for months and months, I am grateful the existing content  attracted a steady stream of visitors.


I could tell you that I was sick (I was), that we had an especially harsh winter in these parts (we did); I was working seven days a week for clients (for real, but don’t ask!) or some other blah, blah, blah excuse (a true story, of course), but I won’t. (or maybe I just did, ha, ha)

Instead, I’ll simply say: While I love to write, somehow I lost my editorial calendar mojo and got out of the habit of blogging regularly. My blog fell and it could not get up! frown

Now Spring is here and I want to make it up to you by rolling out a new media strategy service for experts designed to help you get more visibility, step into the online spotlight and enhance your image as a media authority!

Here’s the deal: I recently launched a "Digital Headliners" article writing service. It's an interview and article writing/distribution package focused on who you are and what you know,  My system leverages media connections to get your name and business spotlighted in online business magazine articles which are then syndicated to major online media sites such as ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX affiliates, The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, etc.

Imagine how prospects and clients will feel about you, the "expert," when they see you featured or quoted on major media sites. Getting media attention (called 3rd party endorsement) separates you from your competition. Plus media coverage often leads to more media opportunities.

The "Digital Headliners" article won’t be a front page breaking news story on media sites, but it will allow you to legitimately add the credits “as seen on” or “as featured on” from multiple credible media outlets to your marketing materials to boost your credibility as an expert in your field.

as-seen-on 300x109 TV icons

This is NOT a cheap “trick” of simply posting a comment on a major media site blog so you can CLAIM you “appeared” in  the media, nor is it a paid placement "advertorial."

It IS a real article written about you and your area of expertise by a journalist (usually me, although I can tap into a team of other experienced journos to keep the quality articles flowing and your media exposure growing.) smiley

We only work with a select group of true subject matter authorities with real expertise at any one time to ensure we meet the media's high standards and deliver quality results.

Be aware, this is only one media authority positioning strategy and it isn't right for everyone who wants to build a Magnetic Media Expert Platform online and off.  But it can be a good starting point and the low introductory price won't last long.

Shoot me an email to apply and discover ways to increase your media magnetism!

Janet (at)

Here’s the fine print. Since this is media, there are no guarantees of specific media placements. You will get pick-up, but I pay to get these articles in front of the site editors and they are free to accept them or not.  (The good news is I am a journalist and have a pretty good track record.) cheeky


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