Is Online Video in Your Future?

video_camera_and_clap_board_pc_400_clr_3500Not too long ago, the idea of creating online videos and doing video marketing seemed out of reach for most small businesses. Then the growth of high-speed Internet, social networking sites, and increasingly affordable video apps and tools made it easier than ever to use the power of video to grow a business, large or small.

I’ve written many times about how visual the Internet has become and how people in general would rather watch than read. A recent Forbes report found online video was becoming a critical tool for many senior executives and the trend is expected to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming years. Experts predict by 2016, at least 15 billion people will view online videos which is double the number of online video watchers today.

In April of 2013, The New York Times announced that their online video content would be available to anyone with an Internet connection, whether they were a subscriber or not. Recognizing the massive growth of online video, virtually every major print media organization is looking for ways to use video to engage more people with their content .

In light of this growing trend toward video content,  it makes sense for small business owners to start to plan for establishing an online media expert platform for their business now.

Small businesses that produce and publish online videos are taking the critical next step to get a competitive edge and reach as many customers and potential customers as possible in the medium they prefer.

Consider the following tips to boost your brand awareness and rise above your competitors with video.

Watch popular videos in your field: While any popular video might teach you something about visual storytelling, the videos produced by your competitors and big brands in your industry can tell you more. Research their videos to get an idea of the type of videos most likely to engage your target audience and convert viewers into buyers.

For example, you may find tutorials and product demonstrations work well in your industry. In that case, you’ll want to consider doing your own tutorials and product demonstrations to represent you and your brand.

Set a goal to make your videos better: As you plan to produce your own videos, go the extra mile to make them as polished and unique as possible. Don’t copy the competition. Find a way to be more interesting than the competition!   Connect on video as a human,  not as a nameless. faceless company.  Your business becomes more appealing to new patients, customers and clients when you let them see behind the curtain. 

Get expert help: Video is a powerful tool and you will want to use it effectively to showcase your expertise and business in the best possible light. Consider consulting with an experienced video producer (like me )who can help create the right kind of video content and online media strategy to attract your ideal audience.

Even if online video is not on your radar today, don’t ignore it. Plan for it. Video is quickly becoming a “must-have” online tool for every business.

Do you use video? How?  Please leave a comment.

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