Create Irresistable Email Subject Lines

I know I wrote about email subject lines recently, but I'm doing a project for a television company right now and cannot believe how many PR professionals seem to put no thought into them at all. 

I'm deleting hundreds of pitches everyday without once peeking inside.  The subject lines give me no reason to look plus I am really BUSY!

Whether you're a pro or a DIY publicity seeker, if I don't know you or your organization, you've got about 8 words to capture my attention.  I understand that sometimes what you're pitching might be a little dry or technical, but that's where your creativity has got to kick in.  (but don't make it too clever – this is business communications, after all.  Don't approach it the way you might among friends with snarky or flip comments.)

It's just a subject line, not telling the whole story so keep it brief. Make it relevant. It's the "headline" to tell someone what the email is about.

I recommend you collect some effective email subject lines you've seen or gotten in your own inbox. Create a document on your computer and copy into it all the subject lines that make you want to open and read the email.  You'll probably see a pattern and in a couple weeks will have a "SWIPE" file that you can model and use to make your own subject line writing better.

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Janet Vasil

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