Holidays Come in all Shapes and Sizes

A good way to get publicity is to link your "news" to a holiday of some sort.  Use the calendar to spot all the traditional ones for next year.  Circle them and map out your story pitching strategy.  Also get familiar with off-beat commemorations, awareness and theme days and months that could attract media attention. 

Marketing expert Ilise Benun recently wrote a  post in The Marketing Mix blog  with a list of fun holidays.   It should get your creativity cooking.

Use Google or your favorite search engine to find lists of "holidays
and observances" you can work with or re-work to fit your business or
field.   Ask the librarian at your local library reference desk about
books such as The Encyclopedia of American Holidays and National Days and Chase's Calendar of Events.

You can even "invent" a holiday of your own to celebrate.  A twist on holiday observances labeled  "the first annual" might make a successful pitch.

Even if the journalist doesn't mention your invented "holiday" specifically in the piece, they may still want to do a story about your clever gesture or celebration.

Let's hear some of your holiday ideas for next year.

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