Highlight Your Blog Posts on Pinterest

talking_social_media_400_clr_9159If your target audience hangs out on Pinterest, so should you. (duh!)  And Pinterest has recently made some changes that will help you, and the content you create, stand out better than ever.

I have some of my blog posts pinned to my boards and I've gotten traffic and exposure from putting them there, but the pins look the same as everything else on my boards that I've collected from other people. In other words, nothing special to catch the eye.

Now, Pinterest has rolled out “article cards” that use “rich pins” that will help you showcase your blog posts or articles in a way that will visually attract more attention to them. 

This feature will be a real plus for content creators, because when you pin articles this way, your article headline, author’s name, a description and a link are all prominently displayed.

It looks a little tricky to set up and I have not done it myself yet. I am sure people with waaay more technical skills than I have will soon be posting tutorial articles and videos online.

Hare are a few links to articles that will get up to date on the new feature and its uses:

Happy Pinning!