High-Low Online Video Strategy

As anyone online has realized, the Internet has become a highly visual place and video is a huge draw, since most people blue stick_figure_out_of_monitor_1936would rather watch than read. 

A recent infographic from Brightcove shared some interesting research about good video versus bad video experiences.  You can see the whole image here:  http://files.brightcove.com/highcostoffree-infographic.jpg

This part stood out for me:

  • 62% are likely to have a NEGATIVE PERCEPTION of a brand that publishes a poor quality video experience

  • 23% would HESITATE TO PURCHASE from the brand

  • 60% said a poor quality video experience would DISSUADE THEM FROM ENGAGING with the brand across all its social media properties

  • 57% are LESS LIKELY TO SHARE a poor quality video experience

Ouch!  I've always said, having no video is better than bad video, BUT in the online world today, if your business has no video, your competition with video will have the advantage.  Still, you can't just put up any video. The Brightcove survey found, a poor quality video experience can actually hurt your business.

Producing quality video is a big part of what I do.  And to be honest, to get quality, you need to commit time, effort, thought and a few dollars.  If you want to be taken seriously as a business professional  who takes pride in their product or service, don’t skimp and substitute amateur video.

That said, I usually recommend a hybrid web video strategy to help clients keep costs down. You could call it a “high-low” online video strategy. 

Women are probably most familiar with the high-low concept.  It’s used in fashion and home decorating all the time.  The idea is to invest in a few good quality pieces and then mix the higher end items with lower priced goods in a way that makes the whole outfit or room look richer than the individual parts. In fashion parlance, it means pairing something grand with  basic items such as wearing a designer jacket with blue jeans. 

Here’s how that can work with online video:  Your digital media platform will grow best from establishing a quality base of foundational videos produced professionally.  Get several well-edited videos with good audio, good lighting, good backgrounds and framing that help visually position you as an expert in your field and cement the perception of you as a credible authority. 

These videos can be used as an opt-in video for your landing page, an about me page video, an explainer video about your product or service, a welcome video people see when they join your list, etc.

Then,  regularly post short simple DIY videos on social media, as a video blog (vlog), as links in your email marketing, etc. These can be shot, edited and posted from a mobile phone or tablet.

The key is to make sure the content quality is equally good in both your pro and DIY videos.  

I am happy to chat with you for 15 minutes about your digital media strategy.  Contact me using this form to set up a convenient time.

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