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podcasting These are exciting times to be the Media.  You can be both a consumer and CREATOR of digital media more easily than ever. 

And a hungry audience is waiting  to hear from you.  Did you notice the latest iPhone/iPad IOS update made the podcast app a pre-installed default app?  CommScore reported in August that the majority of today’s digital media consumption is now through mobile apps.

Many digital media creation and distribution tools are available and more are coming out all the time.  In fact, a  new podcasting software “Audello” is in pre-launch this week  and looks interesting.

Producing podcasts is on an upswing because people on the move are listening to all kinds of  content on mobile devices in their cars, at the gym, etc.  I’ve written before about the power of podcasting and its growing popularity.  (You can read my past post here.)  Audio is easy to consume on the go. Just put on your headphones or ear buds and you’re off.

If you haven’t included podcasting in your marketing plan before, perhaps now is the time to consider starting your own show. (I am planning mine.)

Why podcast?

Hosting or co-hosting a podcast, even being a guest on a top influencer’s show, is a fun and effective tactic to establish your media authority and show your knowledge in your niche.

You can have your own radio-style talk show centered on what your business offers. Interviewing experts is one of the fastest and simplest ways to get exposure, attract an audience, build credibility, grow your list and create a profitable venue for products and services.

Your Podcast can help you:

  • Reach more people in your target market
  • Produce quick valuable content
  • Position yourself as an expert authority
  • Build business “fame”  in your field
  • Make a more personal connection to help potential customers get to know, like and trust you.  (Essential for long-term profits)

You’ll need to gather recording tools and equipment, decide on the title, format, frequency and content of your show and arrange distribution channels but don’t get overwhelmed.  Here is a simple checklist to follow: 

You can create basic audio files or  go fancy with a video podcast. One recording can even be delivered as both a video and an audio-only (mp3) podcast,  giving you two pieces of content for two audiences from one session.

If being on camera isn’t your thing,  you can do an “enhanced” podcast,  displaying images and screenshots as you speak, similar to a slideshow presentation.

Many people are also creating their podcast now with the free service Google Hangouts.  Here’s a good article about how to get started that way.

One of the powerful benefits of podcasting is the wide distribution that is available through syndication. People can listen anytime, anywhere automatically by subscribing to your podcast using RSS (really simple syndication). Here’s an article explaining the RSS concept: 

Imagine if your podcast, like David Siteman Garland’s “The Rise to the Top,” became the foundation for a Mediapreneur empire!  You could leverage your show to create products, offer services, training and coaching programs, promote events, attract sponsors and advertisers and more.  The possibilities are almost endless and can be extremely profitable!

Want to get started as a podcast host or simply get more exposure from doing guest expert interviews? Let’s Talk!

Book Note: John Lee Dumas is a successful Podcaster featured in the launch videos for the new podcasting software Audello. I’ve included a link to his book about Podcasting which includes video tutorials.


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