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I’ve been playing around with a FREE WordPress plugin called Anthologize and see a lot of possibilities for re-purposing existing blog posts with it.

You can find it in the WordPress directory here:  http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/anthologize/

Once you activate it, you get an area inside your wp back office where you create chapter headings and then drag and drop blog posts into the document.  Organizing your material is very simple. With a few clicks, you can review the posts for the book, move them around or remove them.You can edit the posts inside the document and the edits do not change the original blog posts.

For an ebook, you’ll probably want to take out the photos, remove links, delete questions inviting comments at the end of posts and perhaps add to or revise the posts and write transitioning sentences to improve the flow for the reader, all steps which are super easy with this plugin.

Once the document is just the way you want it, you can choose to export the ebook in several formats.

Here’s a good YouTube video showing how the plugin works:  http://youtu.be/t-RbMzP4uXk

Add an ebook cover to the final document and you’ve got a great-looking free ebook or special report to give away and build your subscriber list.

Another possibility would be to upload the ebook file to Amazon to make a Kindle or CreateSpace book.  (If you need the book converted to a different format, someone at fiverr.com will do it for $5.)

I use a paid theme to do original writing, book covers and formatting for Kindle books, but this free plugin is almost as versatile.

If you’ve been reluctant to take the time to organize your thoughts and write an ebook, this tool is a great way to get it done by using the blog content you already have in a new way.

I am working on a couple Kindle projects currently and would be happy to talk to you about turning the “book inside your head” into a Kindle.

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